How to find a specialist orthodontist in London?

There may come a time when you have a special dental care need and the best way to resolve this is to visit an orthodontist. This a medical professional who specialises in the treatment, diagnosis and prevention of facial and dental irregularities to help align corrected teeth, bites and jaws.

It is important to do your research to find the best orthodontist who will understand your problem, explain courses treatment available and the costs associated with each treatment.

How to find a specialist orthodontist in London;

  • Do your research – When you find out you need to visit an orthodontist for further treatment, it is important for you to do your background research. This is because orthodontists differ in experience, training and character as well. While some are more experience removing teeth, others have more experience expanding them. Some might be graduates fresh out of school and overly optimistic about a particular treatment and the recovery while others might be seasoned orthodontics with a more pessimistic view. Some might only recommend what they think will actually work while others will go above and beyond and tell you all the options available. It is important that you visit a number of orthodontists so that you can determine what would work best for you and your family at Muswell Hill Smile Dental practice.
  • Ask questions – This will help you better understand the problem, what treatment they propose, what each treatment entails in terms of the actual procedure, recovery periods, medication and any other associated matters pertaining to your recovery like how long you would need to heal, get back to work, eat solid food etc.
  • Find out the cost – It’s a good idea to find out how much each treatment costs, but not only the procedural cost but anything else associated with your recovery like medication, appliances and anything else associated with treatment and your recovery.
  • Referrals – Most people choose to go online when searching for information. If you might find too many choices coming up, then it might be best to narrow your search and ask family and friends for referrals to help you determine the best orthodontist for you.


We provide top orthodontic services in London. We have an in-house orthodontist specialist at your disposal and we provide affordable and quality dental care. You can pay us a visit at 200 Fortis Green Road on Muswell Hill or give us a call to book your appointment today. Our website is for more information.

Best hairstyles for your face shape

Round face

to camouflage the roundness, not highlight it. Hair needs to be long, past the chin looks great on round faces as it elongates. If you have layers, the shortest layer should not be shorter than your ear lobes. Blunt bangs can make your face look boxy and chubby so best to avoid, make sure they are side swept instead.

Heart-shaped face

Heart shapes usually have a wider top and thinner chin side swept bangs work best. the shortest should be just under your eyebrow and the longest should be to the corner of your eye. Length can be anything just have bangs.


Oval face

oval is the most versatile face shape. your hair can be any length and have layers anywhere. pick a style that suits your personality and lifestyles, and don’t fight against your natural hair texture. instead find the best style for your hair texture

Oblong face

Long faces need to create width. Your face is longer than it is wide which can look angular and masculine. the trick is to not go too long as this drags the face down. Tousled short waves work well on widening long faces. Bangs and a side part work wonders too. side parts create the illusion of width.

What Scholarships Look Like In The 21st Century


Just how can we aid first-generation or low-income pupils really graduate university? Cash is practical, yet mentoring makes scholarships far more effective.


About one-third of university student are the initial in their family members to go after degrees, as well as a quarter is both first-generation as well as low-income. This mix is often quite challenging. Only 11 % of low-income, first-generation students make a college level within six years.


Establishing the Stage for Improved Outcomes


For instance, consider the State of Indiana’s 21st Century Scholars Program. It offers as many as four years of paid tuition to low-income high school grads if they attend a qualified college in Indiana.


Fostering Scholarship in the 21st Century


In its 25-year record, more than 70,000 pupils have actually benefitted from the program’s scholarships, as well as about 110,000 intermediate school, senior high school, and also university student are currently enrolled in it– a testament to the increasing relevance and length of the procession from primary pupil to university graduate.


This far-reaching program has assisted to boost college access for 10s of thousands of first-generation pupils, a number of whom are from low-income and minority family members. Nonetheless, while offering access is an important part of the solution, many of these pupils still struggle to complete their levels (or fail to finish entirely).


While the 21st Century Scholars 2014 State Scorecard showed scholar success prices were above those of their low-income peers, they are still 20-25 % listed below the standard of the general populace– a void the makers of the program want to close.


When low-income and also first-generation pupils earn degrees, it enhances their employment potential customers, changes the trajectory for their families, and also advantages the state by improving economic possibility. That’s why program stakeholders are governed by a shared objective of shutting the completion void by filling it with the assistance students require for success.


Understanding money wasn’t the main concern– since scholars currently obtain a tuition-free education– program leaders determined to focus on providing better developing assistance. To that end, the 21st Century Scholars Mentoring Initiative was established to enhance the organization’s scholarship program.

Why Keep One Domain Name

Moving a website to another domain?

Can you do such thing?

Well, yes you can. We all love our SEO website and do not want to sacrifice it for another site. Below is a video to show you the steps on how to do it!


However, it would be a mistake if you did so. The best way to keep a website looking good and filled with what users love, is to keep one site and choose different categories for each project.

Watch the below video:


Internet Business Ideas 2016

As we all should know, the internet plays the biggest part in majority of businesses in this modern day. From E-Commerce sites where people choose to sell such as Ebay and Gumtree, to company websites where you can buy the official items.

The above video will introduce the business ideas of 2016. Click it!

Most Expensive Haircuts In History

What is in a haircut? In North Korea, there are only 28 government approved haircuts; anything else can land you in jail. But in the larger and wider world, people get haircuts in order to look smart and decent, others do it for fashion and latest trends; but others do it because they can afford it, and as such, they are not afraid of spending whatever it takes just to a certain hair style.


Below Are Some Of The Most Expensive Haircuts In History;

  1. Stuart Phillips; according to the Guinness world records, the most expensive haircut ever was made by Stuart Philips, in his salon in Covent Garden, London. A certain wealthy lady from Italy had been searching for an ideal hairdresser until in 2007 when she heard of Phillips. She parted with a cool $ 16,420 on the 29th of October, 2007 just for a haircut and styling.
  2. Sally Hershberger; this is another famous hair stylist; her list of clients include the US Democratic Presidential contender Hillary Clinton, and movie star Tom Cruise. She charges just 600$ for each haircut.
  3. John Paul; Paul is a famous investor and hair stylist. In support of the Asia Tsunami Victims and reconstruction efforts, he asked for $ 50,000 to have his blond hair cut. He was able to get someone who readily paid the amount and have his hair cut.
  4. Rihanna; this Barbados born singer who lives in the US spends almost $ 2,000 on haircuts and hair styling a week! This includes the different styles she spots on stage, and off stage. Rihanna’s haircuts have been described as daring, tom boyish; but she still continues to be a popular superstar with each of her singles dominating global air waves.


Again, one would ask, what is in a hair cut? Well, it simply depends on what one can afford, and what one is pleased with.


Most luxurious hand-watches


Watches have been there with us for a long time, initially as just tools for keeping watch on time, then with time, as a necessary accessory. In fact today, watches are viewed more as a fashion statement; the more luxurious and classic, the higher one is held by those around.  This article seeks to give you an interesting list of some of the most expensive watches ever, watches with six figure price tags! Sit back and digest this;

  1. Hublot Classic Fusion Haute Joaillerie; This majestic piece of wrist watch sells at a cool $ 1, million and is only limited to 8 pieces! According to official statistics, it took 15 people to manufacture this watch, seeing that all of it is covered by 1,185 baquette of pure diamond. The 15 workers spent 1,800 hours cutting the diamond into the right pieces, and another 200 hours trimming the dimensions, ensuring that everything is performing as intended.
  2. Patek Philippe Sky Moon Tourbillon; this is another masterpiece by the famed guru, Patek Phillipe. It has pure golden coating, with complex features and specs. This watch is a perfect example of modern art, blending art and luxury together. It goes for just $ 1.3 Million.
  3. Roger Dubuis Excalibur Quatuor; this watch also finds its way to the list of million dollar watches; it is made of silicon 100%, the first ever made that way. Silicon is known for its light weight and hardness. Besides, this watch is said to have what’s called RD101 movement; this helps to counter the effects of gravity and thus give a more accurate time at all times.
  4. Hybris Mechanica à Grande Sonnerie; this one retails for just $ 1.4, and is said to be able to play the chiming sequence of Big Ben. It has 1,300 different parts and components, and was released in 2009.


The next time you are out to buy a watch and feel as if you’re spending too much on it, take a moment to remember that there are damn expensive watches out there!

10 most expensive items

Ever wonder how far can money go? Could you spend a BILLION dollars?

This video covers the most expensive 10 items in the world. Clearly your money can go very far and there’s a hidden market of luxury goods for the few that can afford them.

Advantages of choosing a good web hosting company; why SeekaHost is your best option

SeekaHostIn this day and age when ecommerce has emerged as a crucial frontier in the battle to win customers, web hosting has become much sought after. Today, there are more websites and blogs live online than at any other time in history. And while this is a good thing, the sad reality is that not all customers are satisfied with the hosting solutions being offered by most of these companies. At SeekaHost, we understand this fact, and below are just some of the benefits of picking us as your host service provider;

  • Personal Web hosting; this package is tailored to suit the needs of individuals who want to share their blogs or other content online to their readers and followers. This can also be a small website where you want to interact with your followers. Blogging pays, online and affiliate marketing are also a source of income, but to make them work, you must have a functional site or a robust blog. We have designed this personal web hosting package with such in mind, and we guarantee our clients that once they entrust us with their projects, we always strive to ensure that they remain live and available to visitors who want to view your posts. Get at
  • Business web hosting; many businesses have realized that having a good website is a crucial gateway to reaching more potential customers. This package is ideal for both small and medium businesses, or even large ones that are hoping to reach as many customers online as possible. This business hosting package is further subdivided into smaller units, like basic, standard, premium, and unlimited. Basic is ideal for small businesses that are starting, standard is for medium businesses, while premium is for big businesses. Unlimited is for the big businesses that are in need of unlimited disk space, unlimited data transfer, and so on so forth. All are very affordable.
  • Cheap web hosting; this package is for individuals who want to have blogs or small websites, but also with added features. For instance, we combine our web hosting for this package with features like cPanel and Softaculous. Besides, this too is subdivided into other smaller packages depending on your blogging needs. See more for Cheap WebSite Hosting
  • Blogging support; while almost every other web hosting company will claim to have a support team 24/7, we are different in that all members of our support team are acquainted with SEO. Thus, aside from the hosting solutions we offer, we’ll also advice you on SEO tips and keyword usage so that your blogs are ranked at the top on goggle always. It is not enough that we are offering you hosting services; we strive to ensure that our clients remain at the top of Google ranking.


Contact us today for any of the above SeekaHost hosting packages, and get your business or personal blogs to a great start. Our rates are affordable, from as little as $ 1.99 a month, and we guarantee you 100% that your site will always attract more visitors if we host it for you.

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Things to Consider Before Visiting Furniture Stores

With several furniture stores and variety of furniture, the options seem overwhelming. First, narrow down your choice of furnishings you require and the type of store you will pick it up from.

Traditional Vs Contemporary Furniture Stores

First, decide your preferred type of furniture. It’s a best to plan whether to redo the entire setting or updating with a few fittings. Also ensure that the furnishings are compatible with the layout of your interiors.Funiture

Look at interior design magazines for inspiration to pick up guidelines for purchase. This way you’ll be able to explain the salesperson your preferences and they can direct you accordingly to shop the required furniture. With their support, even if you don’t know a lot about the differences between traditional and contemporary furniture styles.

Local Vs Chain Furniture Stores

If you reside in a big city you’ll have several modern contemporary furniture stores to select from. There are both locally-owned, small stores and big national or regional chains to shop at.

Whether local or chain furniture stores, there are pros and cons of shopping at either. At a local store furniture designers may be employed instead of just salespeople, because small stores often emphasize on personal customer service. They may have better knowledge about contemporary furniture trends. On the downside, local stores may not have large range of selection to pick from.

Large chain stores comprise a large selection and several types of furniture. You could purchase your fittings for your entire home with a visit to just one store. However, the size of these stores can make them impersonal; staff may not be aware of contemporary furniture store trends or possess any designing experience.

Custom Vs Ready Made Furniture

If furniture stores don’t seem to satisfy your needs, consider having a custom furniture designer produce something exclusively for you. You’ll be able to the fabric, wood type, style etc. It can take a long time but it will be a worthy choice.

Readymade furniture is already designed and manufactured and ready for purchase. However, it may not be unique, as the store may sell more similar pieces.

Modern contemporary furniture stores may also have semi-customizable furniture where you can change certain aspects of the furniture to suite your taste.

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